Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cellular Communication Frequency

» Global system for mobile (GSM): The two frequency bands used by GSM are 890 – 960 MHz and 1710 – 1880 MHz. They are sometimes referred to as the 900-MHz band and the 1800-MHz band.

» Code-division multiple accesses (CDMA): The IS-95 standard defines the use of the 800- and 1900-MHz bands for CDMA cellular systems.

» 3G wideband CDMA (WCDMA)/universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS): Three frequency bands are allocated for 3G UMTS services: 1900 – 1980 MHz, 2020– 2025 MHz, and 2110– 2190 MHz.

» 3G CDMA 2000: This system reuses existing CDMA frequency bands.

Source of Information : Elsevier Wireless Networking Complete 2010 
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