Sunday, November 21, 2010

Developing a Corporate Facebook Presence

Besides the individual choice of whether to join Facebook and blend your personal and professional lives, the reason why, as a brand, you want to consider establishing a presence on Facebook is because it helps to humanize your brand. Facebook is a very personal social network. It provides the perfect opportunity to help humanize your brand. Through the types of content that you can choose to share on a Facebook Page or Group, you can show that your company is a lot more than just a logo. You can peel back that logo to expose all the great personalities that make up your company.

Facebook is a thriving community, in which there are sure to be fans of your company, executives, product, or service. If you’re shaking your head left and right yelling loudly that you don’t have any fans, realize that your prospects, customers, and future fans are hanging out on Facebook. Developing a presence on Facebook provides you the opportunity to bubble up these fans and activate them by providing them with a community in which they can interact with one another and with your company. You need to realize that the days of forcing your prospects, customers, and fans of your brand to go to a website of your choosing is gone. Sure, you can still drive traffic to your website and convert people through a contact or informational form. There is still a lot of value in corporate websites. But, nowadays, you have to go where your prospects, customers, and fans hang out and build communities with them there. This, in turn, can turn toward visiting your corporate website and engaging with you on your turf. If you ignore that, you are missing valuable opportunities to develop a stronger community. For instance, if I only hang out on Facebook and you only hang out on MySpace or Twitter, you’re missing an opportunity to engage with me, even though I could be speaking your praises or running your name through the mud on Facebook.

With Facebook continuing to grow more and more in popularity, it makes sense to develop a corporate presence. At the very least, establishing even a basic presence on Facebook can make it more difficult for others to claim your brand on Facebook. If you need even more convincing, realize that Facebook is now the top driver of traffic, over Google, to large sites.

Source of Information : Facebook Marketing Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign
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