Monday, November 1, 2010

Google Knows Local (and Mobile)

Over the past two months, Google announced two enhancements to its local product offering and together they represent a significant development in the search advertising and mobile ecosystem.
In late June, Google rolled out its “Tags” offering in Google Places. Tags are essentially just yellow markers that allow business owners to promote a certain aspect of their businesses. For example, a flower shop could use a tag to showcase a website link to specials or a restaurant could use a tag to feature a link to daily menu specials. To use Google Tags, a Google Places account needs to be created and business information completed and claimed. Once the listing is validated, tags can be activated on the dashboard. Tags are currently available in all 50 U.S. states.

Keep in mind that Tags do not affect the rank of search results. They do, however, add more information to a listing and help it stand out when it appears in natural search results. The cost of this added exposure? That’s the best part. Tags are budget friendly — for a flat fee of $25 per month.

If Google Tags is not enough motivation to take mobile and local marketing seriously, Google then announced location extensions for search ads. The extensions can be used to help advertisers connect with mobile device users through browsers and applications.

The AdWords location extensions enable advertisers to feature a business location and phone number on an expandable map advertisement that appears on mobile websites and apps in the Google Display Network. Ads appear as a banner text ad with a business icon that expands to show the business location on a Google map along with ad creative, a click-to-call phone number and an option to get directions.

Advertisers will only be charged when a user clicks to call the business or visits a website, not when users click to expand the map or request directions. To utilize location extensions, advertisers need to opt-in to the Google Display Network, set up location extensions and choose to show ads on iPhones and mobile devices with full Internet browsers.

Source of Information :  Website Magazine October 2010
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