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Telerik RadGridView Key Features

RadGridView is a grid component developed on top of Telerik Presentation Framework which provides a combination of performance, extensibility, customizability, and ease of use.

RadGridView Key Features
1. Hierarchical data presentation - RadGridView has the ability to represent hierarchical master-detail data. Its hierarchical schema could be set up either at design-time, at runtime using the control API, or handled automatically for you based on the structure of the data.

Easily customizable theming mechanism - RadGridView is shipped with a consistent set of themes that allow you to easily build slick interfaces. Or you can use the codeless visual approach to build a new custom theme.

2. Grouping - RadGridView allows easy implementation of multilevel grouping of data from a single table. Simply drag the column header(s) to the group panel on the top to define the grouping order and hierarchy. You can also programmatically group data using group-by expressions. Another unique feature is the ability to sort grouped data by single or multiple columns. Grouping programmatically also allows you to perform aggregate operations (e.g. sum, min, max, count, first and last) and to output custom formatted strings into the group heading.

3. Multi-column sorting - in addition to the simple one-column sorting RadGridView allows you to sort data by several columns just like in Microsoft Excel. With the help of sorting expressions, you can also do custom sorting.

4. Filtering - RadGridView can perform filtering operations for all columns that support filtering. For each column there will be a dropdown menu with the available filter expressions.

5. Column resizing - RadGridView supports convenient column and row resizing providing the following key features:
» real-time resizing
» best fit sizing
» resizing of the grid on column/row resizing
» clipping of the cell content on column resizing

6. Column reordering with drag-and-drop - column reordering is a nice interface feature which lets users reorder columns, based on their personal preference. Telerik RadGridView allows users to quickly reorder columns at Run Time by simply draging and dropping their headers, with a visual indication of the header being dragged.

7. Keyboard navigation - RadGridView can be navigated using the keyboard. You can focus on a grid with the TAB key, navigate through the rows, and edit cells.

8. Rich set of column types - RadGridView supports the most commonly used column types to provide editing functionality.

9. Pinned rows and Pinned columns support - RadGridView enhances the simple scrolling by supporting pinned rows and columns. You can scroll the grid data, while pinned rows stay visible and next to header row; pinned columns stay visible and on the left of the grid. Ability to use other Telerik elements as editors - This feature gives you extra flexibility in building functionality into applications and allows you to add new custom editors (RadComboBoxElement, RadTextBoxElement, RadButtonElement, RadProgressBarElement, etc).

10. DataBinding to business objects, nullable objects and properties of sub-objects – You can use a wide variety of data-sources for grid structure generation (the only requirement is that these custom objects implement the ITypedList/IEnumarable/ICustomTypeDescriptor interfaces). Furthermore, RadGridView supports out-of-the-box binding to sub-objects, nullable and business objects.

11. Conditional formatting - RadGridView enables you to apply conditional formatting to grid elements for enhanced readability and usability of the displayed data. Conditional formatting can be applied programmatically or by the user at run-time.

12. Context menu support - The context menu provides extra usability and richness to any application. The default RadGridView context menu provides support for sorting, formatting, grouping, column selection and automatic column width adjustment. You can extend the context menu to add your own menu items and display your menus conditionally.

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