Sunday, November 7, 2010

Total Commander 7.55a

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Ever since Norton Desktop for Windows 3.0, power users have sought better ways to manage files in Windows than Explorer. The old DOS-based Norton Commander served as the model for Total Commander (which explains its retro—some might say antiquated— appearance), but Total Commander has kept up with the times to make it the most feature-filled file manager available for Windows. Total Commander generally eschews the Explorer-like collapsible tree in one pane and its contents in the other, instead employing its dual panes to display files and folders, encouraging you to drill down into folders directly. Once you embrace the workflow, file manipulations are lightning-quick. When you factor in features such as built-in compression/decompression, FTP, file finding, and directory comparison, and then consider the hundreds of plug-ins, Total Commander becomes the indispensible file manager that leaves Explorer in its dust.

Source of Information :  CPU Computer Power User November 2010
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