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XtraCharts Main Features

The XtraCharts Suite makes 2D and 3D charting easier than ever. It includes multiple palettes to automatically color your series, so that appearances are never a concern. It can even show a preview of a chart before you've supplied any data for it. You can access any element's settings by simply clicking that element. And there are so many additional automatic adjustments, that it takes little effort to create a smart, professional looking chart.

With the XtraCharts Suite you can visualize data stored almost anywhere - from a database to a collection. You can even supply point data directly to a chart which is in unbound mode. And the XtraCharts Suite is extremely flexible, not only with the data it displays, but also in the ways you can output that data. Using the Swift Plot, you can easily create a lightweight chart for quick processing of very large amounts of data points. Our charting engine allows you to display charts not only on Windows Forms, but also on Web Sites, in reports created with the XtraReports Suite, or even print them directly.

The features and benefits that the XtraCharts Suite:

Multiple Target Platforms
» Windows Application - The XtraCharts Suite includes a ChartControl component that provides charting capabilities for Windows Forms applications.

» ASP.NET - The WebChartControl allows you to add charts to your ASP.NET web pages. It delivers the same exact features as its Windows Forms counterpart.

» Printed Page or Banded Report - You can combine the XtraCharts Suite with either XtraPrinting Library of XtraReports Suite to produce an attractive printing output.

2D Chart Types
The XtraCharts Suite supports displaying of multiple series within a single chart, if only they have their view types compatible (Combining Different Series Views). Moreover, most of 2D series (or a group of series) can be plotted on individual panes, and accompanied by its own set of secondary axes.

Following is the brief survey of the available 2D series view types.

» Swift Plot - This view is intended for quick series rendering, based on a lightened charts generation algorithm.

» Bar Views - Three kinds of Bar views are available: Side-by-Side Bar, Stacked Bar and Full-Stacked Bar. The following features are available for all of them: rotated view (horizontal bars); automatically or manually specified bar width; automatic individual coloring of each bar in a series; and many more.

» Range Bar Views - Two slightly different Range Bar views are available: Overlapped Range Bar (displays overlapped bars if multiple bars correspond to the same argument) and Side-by-Side Range Bar (displays bars corresponding to the same argument side-by-side).

» Gantt Views - Gantt views help to plan or analyze multiple-resource tasks or multi-task processes. Gantt views ship in two slightly different versions: Overlapped Gantt (displays overlapped bars if there are multiple time intervals for the same resource) and Side-by-Side Gantt (displays bars corresponding to the same resource side-by-side).

» Point and Bubble Views - In addition to the conventional Point view, the special Bubble view is also available, which supports second value (weight) for each argument to be visually represented as a bubble's size.

» Line Views - Four different Line views are available: Line, Step Line, Scatter Line (which doesn't sort points as the Line view do, e.g. to allow graphic representation of math functions) and Spline (a curved line).

» Area Views - Three slightly different versions of Area views are available: Area (series are drawn over each other), Stacked Area (areas are stacked on each other) and Full-Stacked Area (areas are stacked on each other and are stretched to fit the view vertically).

» Spline Area Views - The available Spline Area views are similar to the Area views, with the only difference that the Spline Area views are built upon curved lines: Spline Area, Stacked Spline Area and Full-Stacked Spline Area.

» Pie, Doughnut and Funnel Views - The Pie view shows the proportion of parts to the whole. The Doughnut view is a pie with a hole in its center (whose diameter can be controlled). And, the Funnel chart finds its use mostly to represent proportions between series points. All these views allow you to specify the height-to-width ratio, the fraction of the chart area occupied by a series, series rotation angle, as well as to display pie slices spread apart ("exploded"), etc.

» Radar and Polar Views - These are circular charts. A Radar view is drawn on a circular grid and has multiple axes along which data can be plotted. A Polar view displays values on the basis of angles. Both views support the point, line and area drawing styles.

» Financial Series - For stock data analysis, the XtraCharts Suite offers you the following financial chart views: Candle Stick and Stock.

3D Chart Types
» Variety of 3D Views Available - In XtraCharts, most of the views that are available in 2D, have their 3D counterparts. Among the most popular 3D views are: Manhattan Bar, Line, Spline and Step Line, Pie, Doughnut and Funnel, Area, Stacked Area and Full-Stacked Area.

» Multiple Series Support - As with 2D views, you can easily combine different 3D views within one chart control, if they share the same diagram type. For more information, refer to Combining Different Series Views.

» Easy Replacement of Existing 2D Charts with Their 3D Equivalents - There is no difference in the chart customization interface and data management between 2D or 3D charting using the XtraCharts Suite. All you need to do is to change the series view type, which is a single property.

» True OpenGL Rendering - Since OpenGL has proven its stability and power, you'll see fewer bugs. You'll achieve life-like pictures with real light sources, real shadows and flares.

» Full Anti-Aliasing Support - We have implemented an advanced multi-stage smoothing algorithm, so that there are always clean and sharp lines and no rough edges.

» Perspective Projection Support - You can change the viewing angle to control how large fronted objects appear relative to background objects.

» Gradient Fill and Texture Support.

» Transparency Support - You can specify a transparency for any 3D view except the Pie View.

Data Binding and Exchange
» Support for All Common Data Sources - XtraCharts can be bound to various data sources. This also includes full ADO+ support.

» Unbound Mode - A series can be manually populated with data by specifying values for the (X) and (Y) coordinates of the points. It's also possible to combine bound and unbound series views within a single diagram.

» Binding Individual Series - XtraCharts can display data from multiple data sources, as each series can be bound to its own data table.

» Using Series Templates - In this mode the ChartControl creates series Views automatically, and there is no need to populate the Series collection manually.

» Filter Series Data - This feature allows you to apply filter criteria to the data displayed by specific series, so you can avoid flooding the chart control with irrelevant data.

» Sort Series Data - XtraCharts allows you to sort data within a series. You can sort by either the X or Y portion of the series.

» Printing and Exporting - If you own the XtraPrinting Library, you can easily export your chart to: an image file (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, WMF, EMF file formats are supported); a PDF file; an image embedded into an HTML page; an image embedded into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet; a printed page.

Intuitive Design-Time Customization
» On-form Object Access - This key feature greatly simplifies the process of customizing XtraCharts. Just click a control, diagram, series or axis and the associated settings will be displayed in the Properties window.

» Wizard Dialog - XtraCharts provides an easy-to-use Wizard which significantly simplifies the process of customizing the ChartControl.

» Previewing Real Data at Design Time - If the ChartControl is bound to a DataTable at design time, you can preview the underlying data with a single click.

» Selecting a Series via the Legend - If there are many Series Views within a diagram, simply select a specific series via the Legend box.

Appearance Customization
» Appearance Customization For Individual Elements - The XtraCharts suite allows you to customize not only simple things such as font/text color, solid/gradient/texture backgrounds, and border style customization, but also shadow color and size; advanced background gradients - even circle gradients if you build a pie chart; hatch backgrounds; various line styles and thickness options.

» Multiple Palettes for Automatic Series Coloring - With the XtraCharts Suite, little time and effort is required to create stunning and consistently colored series. We offer you several built-in palettes (or style schemes) that are used to automatically color bars in a bar view, sectors in a pie view, etc.

» Custom Draw - The chart control offers you two events that fire before a particular element is painted. These events allow you to change appearance attributes for each individual element even if you can't reach this element via properties.

End-User Capabilities
» Selecting Chart Elements - End-users are able to highlight and select different chart elements at runtime via the mouse pointer. This feature is useful, if for example, it's required to show certain information when the mouse pointer hovers over specific chart elements.

» Zooming and Scrolling - End-users can zoom and scroll both 2D and 3D views.

» Rotating - You are toggling a single property to allow end-users to rotate a 3D chart in any direction by simply clicking and dragging. So, you don't have to guess which rotation angle to specify in order to make the entire chart's content visible.

» Live Chart Resizing - When a form with a chart is resized, and the chart changes its size with its parent form, all the chart's elements are automatically resized. All elements of the chart change interactively.

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