Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A definition of cyber security

Cyber security can be broadly described as protecting personal/business or government digital assets from cyber attack from individuals, organised criminals or foreign governments. Cyber security encompasses three threat vectors; cyber warfare; cyber terrorism and cyber attacks. Each of these threat vectors’will need to be addressed by a country’s citizens, its businesses (private and public) and national and local governments (including a nation-states armed forces).

A country’s digital infrastructure is often referred to as its strategic national asset. The major problem facing most nation-states (particularly in the West) is the lack of a central body to co-ordinate and implement military and corporate/government cyber security strategies. There is also a growing reliance in the West to transfer important assets (and security) ownership from the public sector to the private sector which in itself.

Source of Information : Elsevier Server Architectures 2005

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