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iPhone Typing Tricks

Once you’re comfortable with the keyboard, there are further ways to make typing easier. Here are a few more iPhone typing tricks you can use to make your keyboard entry faster and easier.

When you want to type a contraction like can’t or shouldn’t, don’t bother putting in the apostrophe. The iPhone is smart enough to guess that cant is can’t. Of course, if you’re referring to a slope or tilt, be sure to tap the word itself to decline the change from the noun to the contraction.

If you’re typing a word like we’ll, where the uncontracted word well is a common word, just add an extra l. The iPhone corrects welll to we’ll and shelll to she’ll.

TIP: Other contraction tricks include itsa, which gets corrected to its, and weree, which gets corrected to we’re.

Punctuation Dragging
If you plan to use only one item of punctuation at a time, such as a comma or period, save time by dragging. Drag from the .?123 button to the item you want to include. By starting the drag at .?123, the iPhone switches momentarily to the numbers and punctuation view. After selecting your item, the keyboard automatically bounces back to the alphabet.

TIP: Another punctuation trick for the end of sentences is to tap .?123, the punctuation item you want to use, and then the spacebar. The iPhone is smart enough to recognize the end of a sentence and put you back in alphabet mode. You can also double-tap the spacebar to add a period followed by a space.

Tap and hold any keyboard letter to view accented versions of that letter. For example, tapping and holding N presents you with the option of adding n, ´n, or ñ. This shortcut makes it much easier to type foreign words.

If you need to do a lot of typing in a foreign language, you can add new keyboards to your iPhone by going to Settings ➤ General ➤ Keyboard, tapping International Keyboards, and then adding the keyboards you need from a palette of 51 that are available. To use the keyboards to enter text, open a keyboard, and then tap the small globe to the left of the spacebar, which will display a list of the international keyboards you have installed. Yes, you too can write in Russian on any iPhone.

Caps Lock
To enable Caps Lock, go to Settings ➤ General ➤ Keyboard Preferences. When that’s enabled, you can double-tap the Caps button to toggle the lock on and off.

Deleting Multiple Words at a Time
When you press and hold the Delete key, it starts off by deleting one letter and then the next. But if you hold it for longer than about a line of text, it switches to word deletion and starts removing entire words at a time, making it easier to clear text quickly.

Autocapitalization means the iPhone automatically capitalizes the start of sentences. So, you can type the day has begun, and the iPhone is smart enough to capitalize the: “The day has begun.” This means you don’t have to worry about pressing the Shift key at the beginning of every sentence or even when you type i because i went to the park becomes I went to the park.

TIP: Enable or disable autocapitalization in Settings ➤ General ➤ Keyboard Preferences.

iPhone Typing Test
You may be curious just how fast you can type on your iPhone keyboard. There are several apps in the App Store that can test your typing speed. Search the App Store for typing test to find those apps.

Source of Information :  Taking Your iPhone 4 to the Max
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