Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smartfish Technologies ErgoMotion Laser Mouse

ErgoMotion Laser Mouse
SmartFish Technologies
If Smartfish Technologies’ new wireless ErgoMotion Laser Mouse proves successful, it’s possible other mouse makers may experience an “I wish we would have thought of that” moment. That’s because the ErgoMotion takes a fairly simple, yet new, approach to address a fairly complex, yet old, technology-related problem: repetitive strain injuries.

Dr. Jack Atzmon, Smartfish CEO and ErgoMotion inventor, theorizes that although other ergonomic mice provide alternative designs to traditional mice, they still place the user’s hand in a fixed position, potentially resulting in repetitive, unnatural hand movements—“the true cause” of long-term RSIs. The Ergo-Motion addresses this issue by using a pivot mechanism that Atzmon states promotes constant hand motion and natural hand positioning, thus alleviating hand, shoulder, and back tension. Further, the ErgoMotion doesn’t require learning any new movements as some ergonomic mice do.

The ambidextrous ErgoMotion’s elongated body sports two buttons (a drawback for shortcut junkies) and scroll wheel. An on/off switch helps obtain the mouse’s 10-month rated battery life (two AAs), while a dock at the bottom holds the accompanying plug and play 2.4GHz USB nano transceiver during travel. Elsewhere, the 800dpi rating may turn off gamers, but my work related usage was fine.

Initially, I was skeptical of the horizontal-vertical pivoting approach. Although roughly the same height as the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 I use primarily, the ErgoMotion’s raised design gave me an uneasy, wobbly sensation similar to being on a boat. The pivoting also had me inadvertently making annoying, repeated left mouse clicks. Once I found my sea legs, though, the tension that usually creeps into my shoulders daily by mid-afternoon seemed less pronounced. At 50-plus hours and going, I can honestly say Smartfish has me believing in what it’s selling.

Specs: 800dpi laser; 2.4GHz USB nano transceiver; Mac and PC compatible; Two AA batteries

Source of Information : Computer Power User (CPU) December 2010
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