Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Spywares in 2010

Appin’s research lab in Asia and Europe does regular research on spyware and malware analysis/reverse engineering and evaluates which spywares have maximum spread. The summary of research on top spywares is underneath:

1. PurtyScan: is a pop-up advert. It attracts the user by giving propositions to find pornographic content/spyware on your computer and clean it. However once the user clicks it he/she will be taken to a website with much more spyware and adware waiting to infiltrate your computer.

2. Gator: Gator tracks your online browsing so that it can tailor itself to your likes. The computer user is flooded with banner ads attempting to catch your attention. This often ends up on computers through sharing files on Kazaa or other P2P programs or downloading freebies from random sites.

3. CoolWebSearch: This is a form of malware designed to hijack your Internet settings and then forward you to its own web page. However the webpage that it forwards you to is loaded with adware and spyware.

4. ISTbar/Aupdate: This acts as a toolbar. It continues to send a barrage of pop-up adverts displaying pornographic images to your computer.

5. Perfect KeyLogger: This is a very harmful form of coding. It records everything you type on your computer and can communicate your most personal information back to its creator.

6. Trojan-Downloader.Generic: This is a backdoor which allows the attacker to download any Trojan into the victim’s computer. This is actually a family of spywares popularly called as downloaders.

7. Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot.gen: This is spyware which reverse connects to a remote server and allows the attacker to gain remote access to your computer. This spyware is dangerous and can capture all sensitive data/passwords stored in your computer.

8. Explorer32.Hijacker: This spyware hijacks the explorer.exe of windows and gathers sensitive information from your computer.

Source of Information :  Hakin9 November 2010
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