Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Analyzing Facebook Ad Performance

Facebook provides an excellent reporting tool to gauge the performance of your ad campaign. Analyzing performance is important so that you can make adjustments, not only after your campaign but also during the campaign. By monitoring your performance in real time, or near real time, you can make immediate changes that can turn the tides of a lagging campaign that’s only draining your bank account.

When you head into the analytics area, you’re immediately greeted with a dashboard where you get an immediate glance at your campaign. From here you can edit your campaign, its status, the daily budget, or duration. You can also see a roll-up report of the major key performance indicators of your campaign including

• Status
• Bid
• Type (CPC or CPM)
• Clicks
• Impressions
• CTR % (Click-through rate)
• Avg. CPC
• Avg. CPM
• Amount Spent

You can see this immediate information for all campaigns you may be running or have run in the past.

You can also view a few different graphs for a campaign based on either clicks, impressions, or CTR. Both the dashboard and graphs are a great way to receive an immediate overview of how the campaign is going, and it can help to raise any red flags that may need deeper attention.

Additionally, Facebook provides three campaign reports:

• Advertising Performance: This is the same data provided on the dashboard, but it allows you to apply a few filters and export the data.

• Responder Demographics: This report provides demographic data thus allowing you to see who is actually clicking on your ads. This allows you to adjust targets or optimize text or to understand who is attracted to your ads. Again, this information can be filtered and exported.

• Responder Profiles: This report, according to Facebook, “provides information about the types of users who see or click on your ads based on interests that they have listed in their personal Facebook profiles.”

Through the use of the three reports that Facebook provides and the main dashboard, you can measure and adjust your campaigns on-the-fly, thus making better use of the money that you invest and allowing you to hit your target audiences in a more effective manner.

Source of Information : Facebook Marketing Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign
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