Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Ways iPhone Messaging Is Better Than What’s Available on Other Phones

When it comes to messaging, the iPhone offers several advantages over the rest of the field. First, there’s the keyboard. The iPhone keyboard is far easier to use than any other cell phone keyboard. It makes it simple to type and edit messages.

For years, teenagers have been wearing their fingers to a nub texting each other. Texting on standard cell phones is hard work. Because of this, an entire language of texting shorthand has sprung up from “lol” (laughing out loud) to “pos” (parents are watching over my shoulder) to “kthxbai” (OK, thank you, good bye). The idea is to keep everything short and easy to type. Unfortunately, clarity is sacrificed to ease of typing. The iPhone brings simple typing back and allows you to properly say “thank you,” instead of “ty” or “thx.”

Second, the iPhone remembers conversations. You can easily see entire text conversations on a single screen. The iPhone organizes messages by sender, not by date or time. This means that messages from one person, even messages that are separated by hours or days, are grouped together into one easy-to-read presentation.

Third, the iPhone makes it easy to do all the stuff connected with messaging that should be connected with messaging, such as calling the person back directly or updating your calendar when someone mentions meeting you for dinner. Jump out of the text program
(tap Home), pop over to your calendar, and then return exactly where you left off.

NOTE: If you’re new to texting and your text partner is used to cell phone keys, you might want to acquaint yourself with the keypress-saving SMS shorthand. Those abbreviations are more likely to come up with experienced texters. Search the Internet for text message abbreviations for assistance.

Source of Information :  Taking Your iPhone 4 to the Max
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