Monday, February 14, 2011

Facebook - Building a Community for Your Company, Product, or Service

Due to the growing size of Facebook,more and more of your prospects and customers are on Facebook; therefore, you should not ignore Facebook as a viable way to form a community. Even if you have created an enterprise-level, private community, you should still ensure that your brand is properly represented on Facebook. You can use Facebook to create a Page or Group around your company, product, or service. This serves as your main presence on Facebook and as another outpost from which you can communicate and connect with your prospects, customers, or fans.

Developing an active community around your company, product, or service on Facebook can be beneficial, especially if you are successful at encouraging conversations. How can this engagement be so successful on Facebook? To start, every time a community member interacts on your Page, either by uploading a photo or video, leaving a Wall post, commenting on a status update, or pressing the Like button, Facebook can filter that interaction to the top of the news feed on the home page for other “fans” of your Page and the specific user’s feed. If there is consistent interaction, you can stay top of mind, at least on Facebook, with your prospects, customers, or fans. If you couple that with regular ads and the addition of new content within Facebook and other areas around the interwebs, you’ll be on your way to developing a strong online brand.

An example of a company that exemplifies the use of Facebook for branding and interaction is HubSpot. HubSpot is a Cambridge, MA-based company that makes an inbound marketing software that helps businesses “get found.” As of November 2009 HubSpot had more 7,500 fans. Although the number alone is impressive, simply having a large number of fans or followers doesn’t mean anything. However, HubSpot doesn’t just have a large following, they have a large and engaged following. HubSpot regularly posts a range of different information to its Facebook Page. On any given status update, HubSpot receives a dozen or more Likes and an equal number of comments. HubSpot also has an active Discussions area and utilizes the Events, Video, and several other features extensively.

To provide consistent and diversified content can become harder and harder as you go along. When you first set up your community on Facebook you’ll think of all kinds of information to share. But, as time goes on, you might find yourself struggling to provide a consistent flow of information.

Source of Information :  Facebook Marketing Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign
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