Monday, February 28, 2011

New Features in Fedora 12 - III

Getting custom Fedora spins
Fedora used to be released as a set of CDs or a DVD containing all the Fedora packages that could be installed from those media. The results of new tools first added in Fedora 7 for creating custom software repositories (Pungi) and custom live CDs (livecd-creator) have continued to improve in the form of a growing set of custom spins.

A custom spin of Fedora is a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive image that can be run as a live CD and/or Fedora installer. Official Fedora spins include:

• Fedora DVD — Contains nearly 4GB with a cross-section of desktop, server, and software development software packages that you can install to hard disk. The contents of this disk are similar to what used to be in Fedora Core.

• Fedora CD Set — This six-CD set contains everything from the Fedora install DVD. This is for those who don’t have a DVD drive on their computer.

• Fedora Desktop Live CD (GNOME) — From this single, 700MB live CD you can run a GNOME desktop Fedora 12 system. An install icon on the desktop then lets you install that desktop system to your hard disk.

• Fedora Desktop Live CD (KDE) — Fedora is showing KDE some love by offering a KDE desktop live/install CD of Fedora 12. As with the GNOME desktop, you can select the install icon to install the KDE desktop system to your hard disk.

If you need media to install Fedora on PowerPC (PPC), standard 32-bit PCs (i386) or 64-bit PC (X86_64) computer architectures, you can download ISO images for those media either using either Bittorrent ( or an official Fedora public mirror site (

Unofficial custom spins are also available from Fedora. The term spin means a compilation of software from the Fedora software repository, combined into the form of one or more bootable images, typically to fit on a CD or DVD, that lets you either run live or install that set of software or both. There are already Fedora Live Developer, Games, Art, Xfce Desktop, Education, and Electronic Lab spins. One example is the Fedora Art Studio spin (

Source of Information :  Wiley - Adobe Fedora Bible 2010 Edition Featuring Fedora Linux
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