Thursday, March 3, 2011

Understanding Fedora Installation Media

The Fedora project includes a lot of software to help you get started installing the release as well as creating your own releases, if you desire. These include:

• Fedora Repository — This repository, maintained by the Fedora Project, includes all the software.

• Installation Media — The Fedora repository contains too much software to expect the average person to download. Therefore the Fedora Project offers more reasonable-sized installation media that include a single 3.5G installation DVD, a GNOME Desktop Live CD, and a KDE Desktop Live CD. Either of the live CDs can also be used to install the Fedora desktop system contained on that CD to hard drive. You can also download the equivalent of the installation DVD as a set of five CDs if you don’t have a writable DVD drive. See to download Fedora.

• Spins — After the release, look for Fedora spins that include custom releases of Fedora, typically aimed toward special interests such as games, education, or electronic design ( A spin is just a selected grouping of Fedora software into a live or install CD or DVD image. Other spins include special desktop integration such as the Xfce desktop spin.

• Build Tools — To help people put together the mass of Fedora software into a form that is useful to them, the Fedora Project created several software tool projects. With Fedora and optionally other software repositories, Pungi can be used to create a new set of
installation media, while livecd-creator can build a live CD or live DVD.

Source of Information :  Wiley - Adobe Fedora Bible 2010 Edition Featuring Fedora Linux
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