Monday, May 30, 2011

Enterprise Cloud Vendors

Traditional enterprise vendors all have cloud strategies. IBM was a very early proponent of both virtualization and cloud computing.

IBM Smart Business cloud solutions support clouds built behind the enterprise firewall, or the IBM cloud. IBM’s public cloud offering is still new, while its private cloud offerings are, for the cloud, very mature.

IBM has partnered with Red Hat, SOASTA, RightScale, and others. HP has partnered with Microsoft; Oracle bought Sun outright and partners with Amazon AWS.

Hewlett Packard is primarily selling cloud solutions to the enterprise, and the enterprise is typically hosting the solutions in private clouds. Its SaaS offerings are still specialized and limited. HP’s BSM 9.0. addresses hybrid delivery models and management of the “consumerization of IT,” i.e., people who use non-company-owned devices on a company network. HP, Intel, and cloud software maker Enomaly have partnered to offer a full end-to-end IaaS platform for cloud service providers. HP and Microsoft are investing $250 million to significantly simplify cloud technology environments for businesses of all sizes.

Oracle has reclassified its clusters as private clouds while slowly moving into the “enterprise private cloud.” Oracle customers can now use their existing Oracle licenses or acquire new licenses to deploy Oracle software on Amazon’s EC2. Oracle has also announced its intention to license others as well. The newly introduced Oracle Secure Backup Cloud module makes it possible to move database backups to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for offsite storage. Its VeriScale architecture (part of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun) optimizes load balancing by implementing the networking logic locally in the service instance’s containers and treating the networking logic as part of the application.

CA Technologies (formerly Computer Associates) acquired 3Tera. Its AppLogic offers an innovative solution for building cloud services and deploying complex enterprise-class applications to public and private clouds using an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). CA has extended its partnership with NetApp, integrating CA’s virtualization, automation, and service assurance offerings with NetApp’s storage management solutions. In addition, CA is planning SaaS offerings for most of its IT management solutions. It also partners with a Carnegie Mellon and a host of resellers.

Unisys places strong emphasis on security; this has carried over to its cloud offerings. Unisys Stealth security solution, an innovative, patentpending data protection technology initially designed for government applications, is now available to commercial clients. Unisys has also partnered with VMware on the software side and with its parent, EMC, on the hardware side, among others.

Source of Information : Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications 2011
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