Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fix an XP System That Won’t Recognize Flash Drives

Reader THOMAS IS having a problem with his six year old Windows XP Professional system: When he plugs in a flash drive, Windows doesn’t recognize it. Before I reveal the solution to this vexing problem, Tomas, note: You didn’t give me nearly enough information in your initial e mail message. infact, it took two follow up messages for me to get all the details I needed to find a fix. So please, everyone, revisit my post on how to ask for tech help (see find.pcworld.com/71061), and remember that you’ll greatly increase your chances of a response by following its simple guidelines. As it happens, Microsoft itself has a fix for the problem of unrecognized USB flash drives (and other such devices), which, it says, is most likely the result of “corrupted or incorrect keys in the registry.” Just go to find.pcworld.com/71062, scroll down abit until you see the Microsoft fix it button, click it, and follow the instructions. That should do the trick!

Source of Information : PC World Magazine February 2011
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