Monday, May 23, 2011

Windows Phone Screen Resolution

Dealing with differing hardware was just one of the challenges faced by developers working with the Windows Mobile platform. In seeking to be a platform that could be tailored to a wide variety of user scenarios, Windows Mobile 6.5 supported six touch - screen and five non - touch – screen resolutions. As you have already learned, there won ’t be support for non - touch screen in Windows Phone, but what ’ s even more exciting for developers is that with Windows Phone there will only be two different screen resolutions that you need to accommodate.

The initial platform will be released with WVGA (480 _ 800) resolution. A second resolution, HVGA (320 _ 480), will follow sometime in the future.

Whenever you see a Windows Phone being demonstrated, it is likely that it will be in Portrait mode. In fact, if you look at some of the core areas of Windows Phone, such as Start, they only support being displayed in Portrait mode. However, this doesn’t prevent you from taking advantage of running in Landscape if that ’ s more suitable for your application. In fact, the best applications are those that allow either orientation, reorganizing the layout in order to make best use of the available screen real estate. Windows Phone also provides the necessary extension points for your application to handle the change in device orientation during operation, such as sliding out a physical keyboard on a device that has one.

Source of Information : Wiley-Professiona Windows Phone 7 Application Development 2010
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