Sunday, November 6, 2011

IBM - Enterprise Cloud Vendors

“Cloud is an important new consumption and delivery model for IT and business services. Large enterprises want our help to capitalize on what this model offers in a way that is safe, reliable and efficient for business,” said Erich Clementi, General Manager, Enterprise Initiatives at IBM.

The company believes the digital and physical infrastructure are converging as a result of the instrumentation of all kind of business and IT assets, but that while the impact will be vary from industry to industry, cloud will be the delivery engine for emerging industry systems. Analytics are also going to play a huge role in collaborative industry clouds. To extract valuable insights, clients need tools to mine the massive amounts of data and pull out actionable information. Software is a focus as well—IBM is integrating software into services that can be sold through the cloud to deliver the high-value solutions enterprise clients are requesting, including integrated hardware, software, and services packages.

IBM was a very early proponent of both virtualization and cloud computing. IBM Smart Business cloud solutions support clouds built behind the enterprise firewall, or the IBM cloud. IBM’s public cloud offering is still new, while its private cloud offerings are, for the cloud, very mature.

Unlike Google, who has collaborated with VMware, IBM’s strategy is to handhold enterprises into the cloud both by providing services and also by working with Red Hat to offer Red Hat’s EL, bypassing VMware with the announcement of Smart Business Development & Test on the IBM Cloud. IBM has also partnered with SOASTA, who makes “CloudTest,” and is a leading provider of cloud testing. SOASTA also partners with CA, Amazon, and Microsoft. It is competing head-on with VMforce and IBM also partners non-exclusively with RightScale, which offers Hyperic HQ.

Source of Information : Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications 2011
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