Thursday, January 26, 2012

iPad To Don’t

One of the inexplicable omissions in the original iPhone OS—and still the case in iOS 4 on the iPad—is a lack of tasks. Sure, you can view and sync your calendars, but any to-do items on those calendars will be missing, and none of the iPad’s built-in apps displays or syncs to-do items from your Mac or PC.

I don’t know why this is, or whether Apple will ever provide an official remedy, but in the meantime, oodles of third-party developers will be happy to sell you (or even give you) apps that manage to-do lists ranging from simple to elaborate. For example:

• 2Do: A beautifully designed app, 2Do has tons of features and high ratings—but note that if you want to sync over the air with MobileMe, you must make an extra in-app purchase of $2.99. (Guided Ways Technologies, $6.99)

• BusyToDo: Although this app currently runs only at iPhone size on an iPad, it’s the only one of these that syncs directly and wirelessly to your iCal (or BusyCal) to do list via MobileMe. (BusyCal, $4.99)

• GoTasks: This easy-to-use app syncs to-do items between your iPad and Google Tasks. (Evgeniy Shurakov, free)

• OmniFocus for iPad: Many regard this app (along with its Mac counterpart) as the ultimate Getting Things Done-style task manager—expensive, but worth it. (The Omni Group, $39.99)

• Sorted: If you want a simple, elegant, and inexpensive task manager without lots of bells and whistles, this iPad app from Si may do the trick. (Si, $0.99)

• Task PRO: Among other features, this universal app lets you divide a task into subtasks, and view or edit tasks on your computer using a Web browser. (AlifSoft, $1.99)

• TaskTask HD: This app syncs tasks with an Exchange server. (, $4.99)

• Things for iPad: This somewhat pricey but well-designed task manager syncs with the software’s Mac and iPhone/iPod touch versions. (Cultured Code, $19.99)

Source of Information : TidBITS-Take Control of Working with Your iPad 2011
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