Saturday, February 4, 2012


A common way to take notes in a meeting or lecture is to record all the audio for reference, but also make your own textual annotations and comments. Unsurprisingly, lots of iPad apps let you do this, whether you prefer to scribble notes with your fingertip or a stylus, or type them on a virtual or physical keyboard. A few samples:

• All Notes: This iPad app lets you combine writing, drawing, typed notes, and audio recordings with shapes, lists, outlines, and diagrams. (, $4.99)

• Circus Ponies Notebook: Much like its Mac OS X counterpart, the iPad version of Notebook is an ideal all-purpose note-taking and snippet-keeping tool. You can type, write, or draw; create outlines; record audio (synced with your typed notes); annotate PDFs; and sync notebooks with the Mac version. (Circus Ponies Software, $29.99)

• Evernote: Discussed further in the context of saving information from the Web (see Supplement Safari, ahead), this universal app lets you type (but not write) notes and record audio; sync your data to the cloud; and view or listen to it on a Mac, PC, or nearly any smartphone. (Evernote, free)

• Notes Plus: Write, type, or record audio in this nicely designed app. Like Penultimate, it can filter out input from a hand resting on the iPad—and even scroll the display as your hand moves. (Viet Tran, $5.99)

• PaperDesk: Take notes by writing, drawing, typing, and/or recording audio, and organize pages into notebooks. (WebSpinner, $1.99)

• smartNote: This simple, nicely designed iPad app lets you record audio as well as write, draw, or type on screen. And it’s smart enough to ignore your wrist if it’s resting on your iPad as you write. (Christopher Thibault and Brendan Lee, $2.99)

• SoundNote: SoundNote (previously called SoundPaper) lets you type notes while recording, and unlike the other apps in this list, keeps track of the points during the recording when you typed each particular item so that you can quickly refer to the relevant audio later. (David Estes, $4.99)

• Sundry Notes: In the same vein as smartNote, this virtual notepad lets you write, draw, type, and record audio. You can also insert symbols, graphs, and special characters, annotate PDFs, and more. (inZania, free)

• WhiteNote: Write, draw, record sounds, and add graphics with this all-purpose note-taking app. You can also import and annotate PDF documents and share your notebooks in real time with other iPad users nearby via Bluetooth—or show them on an external VGA display. (Sliced-Pi, $3.99)

Source of Information : TidBITS-Take Control of Working with Your iPad 2011
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