Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cool Android Apps

Android phones are a type of smartphone that use Google’s open source Android operating system. Androids are produced by many different manufacturers, including HTC, Motorola and Samsung. Although the appearance and operation may vary from one manufacturer to the next, all Androids have a customizable desktop and touchscreen. You can access the Android market on your phone and download various applications. With more than 150,000 apps to choose from, having an Android is an exciting experience. Here are a few Android apps we think are really cool:

  • HopStop – This is an extremely useful subway and bus navigation system – for city dwellers and tourists. The HopStop service guides you to specific locations accurately, gives you an estimate of the time required to walk around, offers suggestions to modify your route and allows you to save some routes for future use. This service can make life a lot easier for you in a new city, as you try to make your way around town.
  • iTriage Mobile Health – As shown at, students get to build various skills while pursuing Web design programs. Many of these skills can be applied just as effectively in other professions to achieve certain objectives. The iTriage Mobile Health is a free app designed by doctors to give more people easy access to medical information. You can quickly locate the nearest medical facility and make your way there for treatment with the help of Google Maps. The iTriage Mobile Health service is one of the most empowering of Android apps as it helps to raise your awareness of health matters and allows you to take positive action regarding your health.
  • Out of Milk – This excellent task manager is sure to help you get more organized when it comes to food security. With Out of Milk, you can store your to-do lists online and access them whenever it suits you. Easily keep track of your food stocks and get to know what needs to be replenished in a more organized way, with this app.
  • Pulse News – Catching all the news and gossip has never been easier with Pulse. With up to 30 online sources to glean from, Pulse creates individual pages featuring the main stories from each online source. Reading articles and blogs is easy on Pulse. Constant updates allow you to keep current on events and issues as they unfold. This app is a great alternative to using your computer for checking out news items.
  • Widgetsoid – This app allows you to get a feel of some of the techniques taught in computer forensic degrees. Widgetsoid lets you develop your own widgets for different phone functions. You can set the widgets to display specific phone information, which helps to enhance the usefulness of your Android.


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