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Sometimes, no form of wireless printing from your iPad is adequate— for example, you may need to use special features on your printer such as duplexing or n-up printing that are unavailable in AirPrint or thirdparty printing apps. In these situations, the path of least resistance is to send the documents to a computer, and print from there. Assuming you have access to a computer that’s connected to a printer, it’s a method that nearly always works.

Earlier, in Transfer and View Documents, I provided an overview of some of the many ways you can copy a document from an iPad app to a computer. To review some of the key options:

• Use iTunes to transfer the document to a computer. This requires you to attach the iPad to the computer with a USB cable, so the iPad and the computer must be in the same physical location. (If you want to print via someone else’s computer, be certain to turn off syncing in the iTunes preferences before you make the connection.)

• Use a third-party app to transfer the document wirelessly to the computer, possibly via a cloud-based service such as Dropbox.

• Email the document to yourself, or to someone else who can access a printer, as an attachment.

Another option is also worth mentioning: fax. If you find yourself in need of a hard copy in a location where there’s no printer to be found, you may be able to locate a fax machine. If so, you could use an emailto- fax service such as jConnect ( Email the document to a special address provided by the service to send it to the nearest fax machine, and you’ll have a quick, albeit low-resolution, hard copy.

Source of Information : TidBITS-Take Control of Working with Your iPad 2011
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