Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cloud Technology enabler companies - 3Tera

3Tera’s AppLogic is a grid operating system (supporting platform) designed to support cloud computing. It supports middleware and Web applications under this operating system. Therefore, AppLogic is used by 3Tera partners to help virtualize software, which makes for easier management in a cloud environment.

AppLogic works by allowing an application to be put into a “container” as though it were a business service. (See Chapter 19 for more on service orientation.) In this way, an application designed for use on a traditional data center can act as though it were designed for the cloud.

In addition, 3Tera has announced a new offering called Cloudware that’s based on AppLogic but expands operating system support to Windows and Solaris. It also adds services to support a service catalog and other service management capabilities. Because it can virtualize traditional applications, it is used in many private cloud implementations.

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