Saturday, February 25, 2017

Email Scams that Threaten Your Internet Security

Do you trust your e-mails? It's hard to believe, but there are people out there who have nothing better to do then to think of ways of conning other people out of business. It actually is their
business to scam. Don't let your internet security be threatened by these scammers.
The difficult thing is that while some of the scams sound outlandish, many of them also appear
legitimate, too. Intelligent people have been scammed and had their internet security threatened
when the emails appeared real.

To help keep you and your information safe, the following is a list of 4 email scams that
can threaten your internet security.

1. The bank scam. This is one of the more realistic sounding scams. A supposed bank will contact you and tell you that they have had a security breech and that you're information has been violated. They will then direct you to an outside website where you are then supposed to enter your personal and banking information to “protect it.” First of all, you wouldn't receive an email from your bank if this happened. Secondly, never enter your banking information like this. If you feel like it could be true, call your own local bank branch and ask them.

2. The fake job scam. In this scam, a person e-mails you and tells you that they found your resume and are interested in hiring you. They then direct you to a website where you are asked to enter a bunch of information such as your social security number and driver's license number. A legitimate business would ask you to call them to set up an interview.

3. The lottery scam. Here, a person will write you and tell you that you have won the lottery. Again, you will be directed to a site where you will be asked your banking information so that the money can be deposited. Don't fall for it. This is not the way the lottery works.

4. The foreign money scam. This is a great one as well. A person will write you and tell you that they live in a foreign country and came into a lot of money. They will ask you to deposit it for them in your account and as a result they will give you a chunk of it. Just say no. They want your account information to take your money.
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