Saturday, February 4, 2017

Handling Email

It seems silly that people would waste their time trying to come up with different ways to destroy other people's systems, but it happens on a daily basis. Sometimes, people do it just because they can and there isn't reason a valid reason behind their actions. This can be very frustrating for the victims of such an attack. You must learn to be cautious. So how can you protect your internet security when it comes to downloading e-mail attachments?

Ignore the mail. A lot of times people who send harmful things to your e-mail account try to get away with it by pretending that they know you or are sending you something that you already requested. Well, if you know them then you should be able to identify the e-mail address. You should also recognize the name. Sometimes, they will use the name of a legitimate company to try to fool you. For example, it might say “Amazon” but when you look more closely at the email address it might read Now, would it really make sense for Amazon to use a free e-mail account?

Anti-virus software. You should definitely invest in some anti-virus software. This will scan the e-mails and attachments for you and let you know if they are safe. This can be particularly important if you are using free email accounts.

ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS is a Microsoft Certified Anti-virus and Internet Security Suite that is surprisingly affordable. These days we are all on a strict budget. I recommend this software because it is every bit as good as Norton and MacAfee but at a fraction of the cost. This product is an all in one solution. It includes malware, spyware as well as Anti-Virus protection and elimination.
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