Sunday, March 12, 2017

Brief History Of The Earth Climate: Natural Variability

• The Earth is a very dynamic planet which has undergone many transformations throughout its history and since its formation 4.6 billion years ago

• Climate changes have continued throughout the history of earth. A succession of geological events and the evolution of life have dramatically influenced the climate of the earth.

• The field of Paleoclimatology has provided information of climate change in the ancient past, supplementing modern observations of climate.

• Climate variability usually occurs naturally on the planet over millions of years or suddenly as a result of a catastrophic event (e.g. major volcanic eruptions, meteor impacts).

• Throughout the history of the earth, the climate has been fluctuating between cold and warm periods.

• The history of the earths’ climate can be reconstituted using various indicators ranging from the fossil record and species distribution to geological formations and plate tectonics

• Main climate eras have been identified.

Source of Information : Climate Change: A Silent Threat by Sylvain Richer de Forges
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