Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Impacts Of Climate Change On Societies

• More than 80% of the worlds population will live on the coast lines and in urban areas by 2050

• Sea level rise/floods and droughts will displace millions of people creating environmental refugees and is likely to trigger world instabilities leading to conflicts for resources

• Many agricultural lands will be flooded and even greater surfaces are likely to become contaminated by salt making them unusable for agriculture

• Some small island states with low elevations (< 2m) will entirely disappear (ex: The Maldives)

• Some low lying countries such as Bangladesh and the Nederland's will loose very significant landmass

• In addition to loosing significant land mass, many of the most threatened places are also in areas vulnerable to tropical storms. The storm surges during such events will have even more devastating effects.

• Some cities like Venice and New Orleans are already experiencing serious troubles due to sea level rise and are responding by spending billions on preventive measures (but what will happen to cities and countries which cannot afford such measures?)

Source of Information : Climate Change: A Silent Threat by Sylvain Richer de Forges
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