Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Patriot Xporter Rage 32GB

Xporter Rage 32GB
If you want maximum speed from a flash drive, then you want one of the new USB 3.0 drives. These models can surpass 200MBps, while the USB 2.0 interface imposes a ceiling of about 33MBps. roughly speaking, USB 3.0 will give you five to six times better performance for only double the price; when you’re talking about moving 30GB of data, throughput can matter.

That said, if speed isn’t critical for your needs, would you consider a higher performance USB 2.0 drive for only a few bucks more? Patriot’s Xporter Rage is the first quad-channel flash drive we’ve seen, using four flash chips instead of the usual two. Patriot indicates that this results in “vastly enhanced performance, particularly write speeds.”

Patriot’s claims may be a bit overzealous. ATTO and CrystalDisk both showed slightly faster read times for the dual-channel Xporter XT Boost (roughly 34 vs. 30.5MBps). For write times, though, the Rage delivers, averaging about 25MBps over the XT’s 17MBps. For a real-world, 2GB folder copy to the flash drives, the Rage completed in 2:22 (minutes:seconds) what the XT Boost did in 2:40—not quite what we’d call vastly enhanced, but still decent. Finally, while the XT scored 1399 in PCMark Vantage’s HD test suite, the Rage hit 1616.

We like the Rage’s compact size, but its flimsy-feeling design seems only halfbaked. The “rubber coating” is closer to rubber electroplating over plastic. The almost-clever, retracting sheath moves too easily, letting keys and whatnot in your pocket pull the cover back about halfway, exposing the USB tip. Patriot’s own Magnum and XT Boost sticks are both much more solid.

Bottom line: If you need better write speeds for only a few bucks more than a standard USB 2.0 drive, the Xporter Rage does well.

Specs: Capacity: 32GB; Interface: USB 2.0; Dimensions: 20.9 x 2.1 x 0.4 inches (HxWxD); Max. performance: 27MBps read, 25MBps write.

Source of Information : CPU Computer Power User November 2010

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