Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Which iOS device is best for you?

If all you’re interested in is playing music and maybe watching video (on a very small screen), forget iOS and buy one of the less-expensive iPods. If you are interested in a more feature-rich solution that lets you do more than that, check out one of the iOS options. Below are the four major user scenarios and one other possibility.

1.) The iPhone user: Major interests for these users include staying in touch with the outside world via phone, instant messaging, and up-to-the-minute e-mail. They are also interested in personal productivity aspects of the device and third-party apps. Other interests include Web browsing, music, video, games, and other aspects of the device. He or she needs and can afford long-term cellular/data service contracts.

2.) The iPad user: This user’s major interests include Web browsing, video, eBooks, news, and e-mail. Users of the Wi-Fionly version of the iPad are willing to wait for a Wi-Fi connection to upload/download e-mail. Users of the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G want or need a live 3G data connection and are willing to pay for a service contract. The iPad user prefers a larger, easy-to-read screen and is willing to trade size for it. He or she is either satisfied with their current mobile phone or doesn’t need one.

3.) The iPod touch user: This user’s major interests include music, video, and games in a pocket-sized device. Other interests include personal productivity, Web browsing, e-mail, and YouTube. He or she is not interested in an expensive cellular/data service contract. He or she is either satisfied with their current mobile phone or doesn’t need one.

4.) The iPhone + iPad user, or the iPod touch + iPad user: Some people may want two devices: a small, pocketable device when on the go and a larger, easier-to-read device around the home or office.

5.) Multiple iOS devices as gifts: There’s probably not much call for one person to own both an iPhone and iPod touch unless he or she intends on loaning the iPod touch out to friends, associates, the kids, etc. Our enterprise editor, Nathan Clevenger, commented on this point: “I’ve ordered the new iPod touch for my parents and grandparents so they can FaceTime with my kids. I’m not sure if they will use it for anything else, but at $229, it’s an inexpensive way to stay in touch without the price of a service contract!”

Source of Information : IPhone Life November-December 2010
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