Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Power and Reach of Facebook Connect

Although 400+ million people is a lot, it still isn’t everyone. Therefore, Facebook must continually come up with new ways to find users. Also, as it’s out searching for new users, it also wants to ensure that it entices back its current user base as often as possible. This provides more opportunities for you, as a marketer, because it increases the possibility for you to connect with new prospects, current customers, and fans of your brand.

To accomplish all these goals, Facebook created Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect was released in December 2008. After approximately only one year, Facebook Connect had been integrated, in one form or another, on more than 80,000 websites. On those 80,000 websites, approximately 60 million users have engaged with Facebook Connect. That means that, as of this writing, approximately 20 percent of all Facebook users utilize Facebook Connect on websites that they visit other than Facebook. It’s no surprise that many of the largest websites have turned to integrating Facebook Connect to help drive more visitors and then translate those visitors into repeat traffic and increased engagement. According to Facebook, two-thirds of the top 100 websites in the United States and 50 percent of the world’s top 100 websites have implemented Facebook Connect.

Facebook Connect is a lot more than just a blue “Connect with Facebook” box that lets you sign in with your Facebook credentials instead of registering for the site. Facebook gives a basic and geeky definition of Facebook Connect, calling it: “a powerful set of APIs for developers that lets users bring their identity and connections everywhere.” Facebook Connect is a powerful tool with a complex set of features that can be integrated into websites. For marketers, integrating Facebook Connect helps to bring more eyes to your website thus giving you more opportunities to connect and convert as well as giving you the ability to implement other features available within Facebook Connect. Additionally, it provides more resources to the user who visits your website and doesn’t need to create a new log in just to leave a comment or interact with your website in some other way.

However, these implementations don’t even begin to touch on the capabilities of Facebook Connect. Let’s take a little time to walk through some of the features of Facebook Connect along with a couple examples. From that you should have a few ideas on how you may want to integrate Facebook Connect with your website or blog.

Source of Information : Facebook Marketing Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign
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