Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Google in the Cloud

Google is believed to manage one of the two or three largest server farms in the world. Recently, it has begun making its infrastructure available to others for a fee. Its widely used offerings, in addition to search, include Google Apps for Business, Google Maps, Google Finance, and Google Voice. More recently, it has introduced Google App Engine, and in its own unique way, it is now a general cloud services provider. Google is aiming to be an enterprise cloud vendor. Its approach to development in the cloud may be summarized as:

» Stand on our tall shoulders (Use Google’s extensive code base)

» Develop your applications in Java, PHP, or Python

» Use the GQL datastore as an alternative to SQL

» Let Google worry about resource allocation, load balancing, and Scalability

GWT, Google App Engine and Google Apps Script offer clear evidence of Google’s big push to bring enterprise development to the cloud. Google App Engine should prove to be a worthy competitor to Amazon Web Services, one of App Engine’s major competitors for hosting environments.

Source of Information : Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications 2011
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