Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adopt the Right iPad Mindset - EXPECT CHANGE

I’ve already mentioned this a few times, but I want to be sure it sinks in: the iPad landscape is in a state of flux, and will be for some time. As I write the second edition of this book, the iPad has been shipping for over seven months, during which time the number of apps and accessories has burgeoned, iOS itself has had a significant makeover, and loads of other manufacturers have tried to copy Apple’s formula with their own tablet devices. Even so, this is just the beginning.

The iPad is still so new that the rules and expectations governing what it can and should do are in their earliest stages of evolution. Tens of thousands more apps will inevitably appear—and the ones that already exist will change dramatically. iOS will continue to evolve. And new iPad models (with, undoubtedly, additional hardware capabilities) will reshape the iPad landscape again and again.

Therefore, as I discuss or recommend certain apps—or complain about how certain things are hard to do—bear in mind that a better solution may appear at any time. The best way to do something today may not be best tomorrow. It pays to check the App Store regularly, to keep up with iPad news—on TidBITS (http://www.tidbits.com/)—and elsewhere, and in general to keep yourself apprised of the changing environment in which you now find yourself.

Whatever you do, don’t get into a rut. Be willing to change your mind about which apps you use and how you go about accomplishing various tasks. Expect that you’ll do things differently next week, and differently again next month. The iPad is a dynamic platform—and that means change is in the nature of the product.

Source of Information : TidBITS-Take Control of Working with Your iPad 2011
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