Friday, January 20, 2012

Adopt the Right iPad Mindset - TAKE IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE

You may be wondering, as many other people are, whether having an iPad means you can leave your laptop at home—at least some of the time. That depends, of course, on a lot of variables. But instead of trying to answer that question abstractly, you can gather experimental evidence to figure it out for real.

Try this.

For the next two weeks, take your iPad with you everywhere you possibly can. It’ll fit in any backpack or briefcase and many purses. It’s so light that if you’re already planning to carry pretty much anything else, you’ll barely notice having your iPad along as well.

If you think you might need your laptop too, no problem. Do as I do: slip your iPad into a spare pocket in your laptop case! But also make a point of carrying it when you go out without your laptop. One way or another, have it with you wherever you go. (Naturally, make exceptions when going to the pool, riding a rollercoaster, or running a marathon—common sense applies as usual!)

The point of this experiment is to make your iPad available to yourself in as many situations as possible. You can’t use it if it’s not there, but if it is there and you try to get some work done, you may find that your creativity kicks in, and novel uses or techniques occur to you. You may think to yourself, “If only there were an app that did such-and-such,” and then find that there is indeed such an app.

And, if you have your laptop too, try using the iPad first. See for yourself what’s possible, what’s awkward, and what’s out of the question. With a couple weeks’ experience, you should have a good feel for when and to what extent the iPad can be the only device you need—perhaps with the addition of some software and an accessory or two.

Best of all, you may discover that you can now get “real” work done in places you never could before—on the subway, while waiting in line, or even (you know you’re thinking it) in the bathroom.

Do be careful not to get your iPad wet, though!

Source of Information : TidBITS-Take Control of Working with Your iPad 2011
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