Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cloud Technology enabler companies - Platform Computing, Inc.

Platform Computing is an independent cloud management software company that is well known in the industry for its clusters and grids. With a strong background in high-performance computing, the company has developed all the components required for building a private cloud. Platform’s approach is to work with partners to help your company deliver IT as a service by implementing private clouds.

To deliver on this cloud strategy, Platform has developed a close relationship with an ecosystem of partners. Platform is already partnered with system management and virtualization vendors (such as HP, IBM, VMware, RedHat). Other partnerships, such as those with CA and BMC, are in the planning process.

The company’s offering for the cloud, Platform ISF, creates a shared computing infrastructure from physical and virtual resources. This shared infrastructure delivers application environments according to specific policies that take into account the various workloads, available resources, and the relationship between them. Platform ISF helps you manage this workload across virtual and physical environments because it looks at the relationship between workloads and resources. For example, because Platform ISF is aware of workload and resource usage, it can help balance resource use among different business units in your company.

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