Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cloud Technology enabler companies - CA

CA is well positioned to help companies manage the mediation layer between private and public clouds. CA expects that your company will want to take advantage of public cloud services for a portion of your workload, but need to manage these public services into connection with private cloud implementations.

Your company will need a way to manage the combined services from public and private sources in order to take advantage of hybrid cloud services and deliver higher quality IT services at a lower cost.

For example, if you’re using a lot of virtualized servers, you need a way to make sure that they’re operating efficiently. Also, you must make sure that you can treat internal and external resources as though they were an integrated environment. This requires sophisticated service management.

CA’s strategy is to provide services that help you understand where specific workloads are running (public versus private cloud) and where they should be running for optimal performance and productivity gains. CA can help your company understand and manage the security and provision requirements between private and public cloud workloads. In addition, CA expects to offer its cloud services to service providers as well as directly to businesses, but doesn’t plan to be a provider of public clouds like Google or Amazon.

CA has a lot of infrastructure management software that can be applied to
cloud environments. A number of CA’s products have been adapted to support VMware’s private cloud operating system, vSphere:

✓ Spectrum Infrastructure Manager
✓ eHealth Performance Manager
✓ Spectrum Automation Manager

The solutions all have a common focus: to help you manage private cloud environments with a unified information model and a single-user interface.

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