Friday, May 4, 2012

Cloud Systems integrators companies

There is no one answer to the best way to gain data center efficiency and leverage cloud benefits such as elasticity and self-service. Clouds don’t come in boxes, so you’ll need to work with providers and consultants. This is why companies like IBM and HP lead cloud service engagements with their own internal services teams.

However, there’s a lot more work to go around, and companies like Unisys and CSC focus on security and governance. Other integrators, such as Accenture, are transforming their existing knowledge of managed services and hosting to provide cloud assistance to customers.

Clearly, it’s early for the systems integrators. They will find techniques for participating in this new market, but their service offerings are still emerging.

Unisys, a veteran computing company, has focused its cloud strategy on security. Its primary offering is the Unisys Secure Cloud Solution, which is a hosted managed cloud service. Unisys intends to have a version of this available by the end of the year that it will call Cloud-in-a-box. The objective is to make it easier for you to create your own private cloud. The company also intends to offer a hybrid cloud service in 2010. This offering will enable you to have your own private cloud and combine that with hosted cloud services from Unisys.

Computer Sciences Corporation
Computer Sciences is focusing on IT security and reliability for its cloud strategy. While CSC has offered security services on a hosting basis, the company is now launching an Infrastructure as a Service version. CSC will try to differentiate itself by taking into account the physical location of a company (because different countries have regulations regarding the movement of data). A future service will help these companies securely connect to third-party clouds. CSC intends to build its services on top of Cisco’s Unified Computing System.

Accenture offers what it calls its Cloud Computing Suite, which includes the following services:

✓ Accenture Cloud Computing Accelerator
✓ Accenture Cloud Opportunity Assessment Tool
✓ Accenture Cloud Computing Data Processing Solution

Accenture is leveraging its experience with managed services and hosting to move into the cloud market. It also is partnering with many of the software and hardware providers (including EMC, Microsoft, and HP) to provide cloud solutions for its customers.

Savvis, Inc.
Savvis is primarily an outsourced infrastructure service provider for enterprises. Over the past several years the company has begun providing private cloud solutions for its customers. The company is leveraging its 29 data centers to create cloud services, such as providing virtual lab services for developers and a platform for independent software vendors (ISVs) to offer their SaaS applications. In addition, the company is offering a hybrid cloud service so customers can establish a private cloud environment without one of the Savvis data centers

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