Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cloud Technology enabler companies - VMware

VMware’s cloud strategy and technology road map is focused on private clouds and providing a way to bridge to external clouds through private clouds. With virtualization as the key underpinning technology enabling cloud infrastructures, VMware has identified three key building blocks for the private cloud:

✓ The cloud operating system
✓ Service level management
✓ Federation and standards

The company can provide a portion of these requirements and relies on partners for the remainder.

VMware provides the cloud operating system for private clouds through its software solution called vSphere. The company refers to this solution as a cloud operating system because it manages the data center infrastructure components (CPUs, storage, and networking), just as a computer operating system (like Linux or Windows) manages the components of a computer. vSphere has two main components:

✓ Infrastructure services that transform server, storage, and network hardware into a shared resource

✓ Application services that provide built-in service level controls

VMware’s acquisition of SpringSource (in August of 2009) lets the company fill in more of these private cloud building blocks with its own technology. SpringSource brings development tools and a management platform to the product mix, moving VMware toward a Platform as a Service offering. Partners like EMC and Cisco provide solutions for the additional critical components of a private cloud. EMC brings storage, management, and security (from RSA) to the mix, while Cisco brings network and scalable network business to the VMware cloud offering.

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